What is the difference gourmet and food?

Gourmet food is often defined as more expensive, but not always. One of the biggest differences between gourmet and regular food is that gourmet food is usually well prepared with fresh ingredients. The cooking technique can also be used to distinguish gourmet food from regular food. The noun sweet tooth refers to someone who really (and often excessively) likes to eat and drink.

Even in cases where gourmet food is used without the critical sense of “glutton”, the feeling of “sincerely interested” in good food and drink tends to be easily distinguished from gourmet food. Gourmet now shares its meaning with food and drink, and the semantic province of words related to wine has been largely assumed by sommelier (“a wine manager”), “enophile” (“a lover or connoisseur of wine”) and, for the most demanding, stewbum (“drunk”). For millennia, about 10% of the population was able to eat foods that could have been considered gourmet in their time. As gourmet became more and more common and became increasingly associated with food, the “glutton” of the sweet tooth began to soften (possibly because people associated the two words) and people began to use the word in a new sense: “someone who is sincerely interested in good food and drink”.

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