What is the difference between a chef and a gourmet chef?

Gourmet chefs, also known as executive chefs or head chefs, are known not only for their advanced cooking skills, but also for their demanding palates. These chefs cook complex gourmet dishes with ease using quality ingredients and specialized cooking techniques. They can also specialize in ethnic or regional cuisine, such as classic French or contemporary Asian cuisine. Imagine if a gourmet chef at your restaurant starts arguing with the customer who has some complaints about the prepared food.

A gourmet chef's job description ranges from calculating the costs of food and recipes, checking quality to designing the menu. The gourmet chef must know how to prepare food and beverages effectively in a way that maintains the efficiency of a kitchen, helping to increase the profit levels of a restaurant establishment to the greatest extent possible. A gourmet chef oversees the full delivery of food in the morning, prepares the special dishes on the menu in the evenings, and supervises the kitchen during dinner.

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