What is the difference between a gourmet and a gourmand?

Gourmet and gourmet are two other words that refer to people who love good food. Anyone who eats a lot of good food can be classified as having a sweet tooth, while a gourmet knows a lot about good food and drink and is competent to make judgments about taste. Gourmand describes someone who likes to eat and drink, usually excessively. A sweet tooth may have a refined palate, but they don't necessarily have a refined palate.

Gourmand has the connotation of filth or gluttony. Sometimes, the words gourmet and sweet tooth are used interchangeably, although more correctly the word gourmet has a connotation of sophistication, while the word sweet tooth has a connotation of gluttony. For the gourmet, the pleasure of eating is in savouring the taste, for the sweet tooth, the pleasure of eating is in eating large quantities of food and wine. The word glutton is derived from the French word gourmet, the French word gourmand, which means glutton.

He is a gourmet, who likes to eat good food, and lives in downtown Manhattan, where excellent food stores abound and gourmets flock to enjoy high-end cuisine in restaurants. As gourmet became more and more common and became increasingly associated with food, the “glutton” of the sweet tooth began to soften (possibly because people associated the two words) and people began to use the word in a new sense: “someone who is sincerely interested in good food and drink”. Gourmet is also used as an adjective to describe something that meets the standards of a person who enjoys good food and good wine, such as gourmet cuisine. Gourmet now shares its meaning with food and drink, and the semantic province of words related to wine has been largely assumed by sommelier (“a wine manager”), “enophile” (“a lover or connoisseur of wine”) and, for the most demanding, stewbum (“drunk”).

Even in cases where gourmet food is used without the critical sense of “glutton”, the feeling of “sincerely interested” in good food and drink tends to be easily distinguished from gourmet food.

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