Does gourmet mean anything?

Ingredients that are rare or difficult to grow on one continent, and are therefore considered gourmet, may be common on another. The term gourmet can refer to a person with a refined or demanding taste who knows the craftsmanship and art of food and food preparation. Gourmet involves being a connoisseur of food and drink and the demanding enjoyment of them. It moved beyond wine to a broader term for food and wine.

It came to mean the best, the ideal, of something. For example, the best cheese would be a gourmet cheese. For millennia, about 10% of the population was able to eat foods that could have been considered gourmet in their time. When I spent a week there with friends in early March, I didn't expect much more than a wood stove, but I was pleasantly surprised by all the gourmet food.

A sweet tooth implies a great appetite for good food and drink, not without discernment, but with less than that of a gourmet.

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